I spent three hours today on an application for an online research job. There was a test query that proved to be more difficult than anticipated because of recently changed statistics making it difficult to find accurate numbers. Mind you, part of this three hours was spent helping family members and doing non related tasks, but it was not a small amount of work or time invested regardless.

I was just about finished when my usually rather stable web browser crashed. Did I mention that this web site does not save your progress as it goes and once you start you are not supposed to stop?

I was angry, frustrated, mentally exhausted. Not surprised, though. Not even a little.

You see, Murphy’s law has nothing on me. According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, right? But it is usually to a simple extent. According to Murphy’s Law, if you drop your toast it will land jam down. When I drop my toast, it is the last piece of bread in the house, it lands on my foot, the dog wolfs it up then goes to puke it on my nice shoes right before I have to hurry away for a job interview. This is an actual example of something that has really happened to me before.

It only gets worse when electronics are involved.

Registers will mess up and take twenty minutes to process a card. Text messages will take three hours to send- only when time sensitive. I’m not allowed near printers.

Really, I’m not. My creative writing teacher back in high school didn’t believe me. Everyone in the class was using laptops for a poetry project, each side of the class hooked to one of two printers. I hit the print button. Every single laptop linked to the printer I was attempting to use crashed. Ms. Fason was able to restore everyone’s work… except for mine, of course. From that day forward I had to leave the classroom whenever anyone needed to print. I don’t think the printer ever recovered.

Now I’m not saying I have a bad life. It is just that someone seems to have wished a rather large amount of luck on my without specifying which sort. I have been referred to as the lucky rabbit that lost her foot. Peg leg pirate bunny? I can rock that.

It was in observing the persistence of this sort of luck in my life that it was decided that I must have been the inspiration to Murphy to make his law. If there is a deity out there passing out interesting bouts of luck, I am his Muse.


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