Learning Lyra! 2,3,&4/365

I’ve always loved circus arts. I’ve dabbled in aerial silks and spitting fire, I’ve played with hoops and poi, and I’m bound and determined to try stilts some day. So when my sister told me she was now an instructor at Body By Resilience of course I had to go!

studio She teaches aerial silks, beginner circus pole, and lyra, the latter two I had never tried. The first day I went in shorts and tried to hop on the lyra- no go! The sanpaper like tape caused an impressive burn under my knee. The next time I went back in jeans- also not appropriate, but I was having a day. At least I knew it would protect my skin a little better!

I learned three things on the lyra- the mount (getting on is fairly important), sitting pretty, and man in the moon.

lyraHere is an incredibly unflattering picture of me as the man in the moon. I thought about being self conscious about looking chubby and being ungraceful and in the wrong clothes. In the end, though, I decided it is more important to document my journey of learning, of becoming more fit, and simply of being comfortable with myself- wherever I may be at that moment.

I can not wait for my next lesson, hopefully I will have some more interesting poses to share.


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