A-Kon Adventures

Over week later and I am still reeling from my adventure to A-Kon. It came without warning. With less than a week to prepare my wonderful and amazing Azza calls to tell me there is extra hotel space and I simply must come. I argued at first. I still need to find a summer job, after all, freelance work just isn’t what it once was. Kid needs braces and glasses. I should probably clean my house. I’m still trying to straighten things out so I may attend school this fall.

Of course, she won’t be swayed. After dealing with migraine inducing paperwork and bureaucracy  that sent me to the edge of absolute mental collapse (and inspired an entire college degree- Informational Navigation Sciences- syllabus coming soon) it was determined that I needed a vacation whether I wanted one or not and besides who hires people on the weekend?

Due to last ditch efforts to straighten out said paperwork kerfuffle I did not leave until several hours after I meant to on Wednesday, and with much less efficient preparation than was intended. Oh well, I usually roadtrip two hours after I decide I will, so I guess I had a head start? The plan was to arrive at her house (three hours away) roast coffee beans, repack, leave with her and the TXKHotsauce crew early afternoon Thursday to arrive in time for the Masquerade.

Four adults. Streaming gear. Luggage. A Camaro convertible. Next time, we take me car. Have Prius, will travel. It was cramped and we had to leave some things behind (such as costumes and my laptop) but we fit even if barely. Hey, I was getting a free ride, who am I to complain? Besides, a six hour drive? That’s nothing.

We got caught in the rain. I’m not talking just a drizzle- it was a terrible torrential downpour. We and most other’s on the same road pulled over to wait it out. Twice. Safety first and all.

We finally arrived about 9:15- just too late for registration. No masquerade for us. Poofy dress and mask will have to wait for another day. We stayed at the Homewood Suites by Hilton, about a mile from the Hilton Anatole. Ordered Pizza and collapsed into beds. We had a long weekend ahead of us.

The next morning we enjoy a wonderful breakfast provided by the hotel and prepare for the days adventures. The crew needs to set up their streaming equipment, which means getting it to a hotel we can’t park at a mile away. Yay for Uber! (P.S. if you are new to Uber you can use that link and we both get a $15 credit- we barely had to pay for rides all weekend!) Did I mention unloading the Camaro would have made a clown car jealous? No joke.

The registration line went to the back of the hotel, but amazingly enough it didn’t take very long. We made some friends (Hi guy with the fancy Prince Ali suit! I saw you later but didn’t get to talk!) and I started on what would be over 200 street passes for the Kid’s DS. He was very happy.

The rest of the weekend starts to get blurry. There were amazing cosplays, great artists, fantastic food trucks, a DeadPool conga line, belly dancing, video games galore (although they had the volume a bit loud for my tastes) and more steampunk gear and fancy hats than I usually see in a year! I did not make it to the panels I wanted- one I tried going to was down a small alcove that had the doors to 4 or 6 rooms and I couldn’t tell which line went where, when I tried to ask the people in line were very rude and ugly to me. Why? What is the point? We were all adults, there was no call to talk to me (or anyone. ever.) like that.

Oh well, I like people watching.

Saturday night at the Goblin’s Market was my favorite, but that will get it’s own post. Simply know that it was amazing and magical and if you ever have the chance you should go.

Oh, I did have a bit of a business card battle with Salty Mayhem, the primary streamers in the game room. I wanted to keep it going but I couldn’t find the same people the next day. Next year I will be prepared!

I hope I can return next year, I had an amazing time! What was your favorite part? What did you miss out on or wish was there that wasn’t? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!




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